A STRATEGIC partnership could be formed between the Leamy Foundation and West Dunbartonshire Council to encourage residents to take part in wider community activities.

The charity, which is based in Alexandria, is run by and for local citizens and supports people wishing to create new services important to them and those around them.

During last week’s full council meeting a motion to confirm the alliance was brought before members.

Moved by Labour councillor Lawrence O’Neill on behalf of Jim Bollan it read: “Council agrees in principle to accept the Leamy Foundation, a registered charity as a “strategic partner” subject to successful negotiations between the relevant council officers, the Leamy trustees, plus final approval by West Dunbartonshire Council.

“The Leamy Foundation currently works in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Council Greenspace on various projects and with education on the “Learn & Grow” project across our schools and nurseries. Council agrees discussions between both parties should start as soon as practicable.”

The charity’s vision is to create confident and connected communities and people through the power of outdoors and green spaces.

They look to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.

Speaking about the motion Councillor O’Neill said: “The Leamy Foundation do a huge amount of work in encouraging young people and their parents to become more active.

"I am more than happy to move this motion and hope that all members accept this.”

Councillor John Millar, who seconded the motion, added: “It has been an absolute joy to see The Leamy Foundation working.

"They do an awful lot for people’s mental health.

“The work they carry out is a testament to how many people are getting the benefits.”

Questions were raised about how the partnership between the council and the charity would work.

SNP councillor Karen Conaghan asked for more information and a report to brought back to June’s full council.

She said: “This is a fantastic organisation which does so much good work within the community especially within our education establishments.

"It’s not just about going in and providing lessons, it’s also about the benefits to the wider community in terms of mental health.

“We are bringing in grandparents within the community who come in and work with volunteers within the school setting.

"The wider plans are brilliant. I would like a bit more information on the strategic partnership with them.

“I would like to see a report brought back before members to see what is going on to ensure the partnership is mutually beneficial to our schools and citizens.”

Following the discussion, it was agreed that a report will be brought before June’s full council with details of the work they do with the local authority and the benefits it will bring schools and the local community.

The partnership is expected to be formed once all the information has been presented.