A CONTROVERSIAL plan to turn a green space into rail station car park has been scrapped.

West Dunbartonshire Council filed plans in November 2020 for the site next to Dalreoch rail station in West Bridgend for parking and related footpaths.

But the open space, which would have allowed for 33 vehicles, united neighbouring tenants in opposition.

Leven Court and Lomond Court residents expressed alarm at the prospect of noise, air and light pollution, and a loss of privacy.

The planning application now lists the proposal as “withdrawn”.

Councillor David McBride had written to planners calling for the decision to go in front of the planning committee and not be decided by internal officers.

He welcomed the withdrawal of the idea.

He told the Reporter: “I was pleased to see the application withdrawn and hopefully the residents’ concerns have been has taken into consideration.

“This was not the right place to construct a park and ride and thankfully it has been halted.”

Objections to the plans were lodged in December and January.

Rose Harvie told the council: “A substantial area of valued open green space and grass will be destroyed, which at present acts as an ‘environmental barrier’ to traffic on the adjacent Glasgow Road and Artisan Bridge.

“Increased traffic will be detrimental to the wellbeing of the mainly elderly residents of the three blocks of flats, because of increased noise, lighting and air pollution from vehicles.

“There is already sufficient parking for private cars (park and ride) adjacent to Dalreoch station and the river.”

And resident James Fraser told the council the plans would be able to meet requirements for a minimum disabled parking spaces.

There was also no provision for electric charging stations.

He added: “Why extend station parking when we cannot maintain the parking area already existing?”