WEST Scotland MSP Ross Greer has vowed to campaign to prevent Flamingo Land proposals for a second time.

Previous proposals for the development were rejected in 2019 after a campaign led by Mr Greer and the Scottish Greens gathered 50,000 objections.

Ross Greer MSP said: “Flamingo Land’s first proposal was unwelcome, deeply inappropriate for Loch Lomond and, as their own impact assessments acknowledged, would have caused substantial environmental damage whilst creating just a fraction of the jobs they had originally promised.

“From what they’ve announced so far, it seems their second attempt is just a rehash of the first.

"Flamingo Land have made clear that they are determined to ignore both the local community and national public opinion in their desperation to pave over one of Scotland’s most iconic natural beauty spots.

“The 60,000 people who fought to stop this cynical development last time haven’t gone away.

"We sent Flamingo Land packing once before and I’m confident that we’ll do the same again.”