THE Scotland national team's bid for Euro 2020 glory has got Dumbarton and the whole of the country excited, and a local coach has backed the buzz to deliver new local footballing talent.

With football training sessions returning with the easing of lockdown measures, Dumbarton United, who train players from when they are toddlers to late teens, has seen an uptake in squad participation and excitement about football - and local coach Kenny Tonner has said that it's all because of the Scotland team's success.

Kenny, who is the current coach of the club's 2004s squad and vice manager of the club, said: "The team I take is the under 17s, and even at that age group there is a wee bit of anticipation building.

"I've never seen any of them with a Scotland top on and all of a suddden I'm getting old jerseys pulled out of bags - 1996, 1998 jerseys - at that age, at 16 or 17, the excitement is there for them.

"It’s the first time they’ve seen their national team and there’s a bit of hope and excitement.

"Older ones like us, we're half resigned to the fact were not going to make it - but they think we we're going to get something, and it echoes through to us older ones.”

Dumbarton United has recently seen higher than expected numbers trying to join its youngest 2016 team.

"Last year and this year especially we’re having a much bigger uptake numbers-wise," Kenny continued.

"Normally we have 18 or 20, but we have 24 already with a waiting list in place for our newer, younger teams. 

"Over the last six months we’re seeing a lot more wanting to get involved in football, because of the success the Scotland team are having. It resonates through - the national side brings the country together.

"I'm really excited for Scotland in the tournament. The last one I can remember, I was 16, so to get to this point and you’re a grown adult and you’ve seen all the failures in the past - I was up in the fan zone when we got knocked out by Italy - so now to see this all it’s great.

"I’ve taken the week off work. I was up at Hampden when we were scraping 1-0 wins.

"I’m absolutely delighted for this, I’ve got my last minute flags sorted this morning."