A YOUTUBE family who share their adventures on the famous social media channel with over 1.3 million followers have said "they're done" after being slammed for a video showing them paddleboarding on Loch Lomond without safety gear.

Sarah and Chris Ingham reporedly shared a video of their children, aged between three and 15, playing around on top of paddleboards on the loch without a safety vest or suitable bouyancy equipment.

The Inghams, who have been travelling up and down the country sharing their experiences online, have now apologised after the video attracted a storm of criticism.

The video, which has now been deleted from YouTube, is understood to have shown heavily pregnant mum Sarah, 38, filmed by husband Chris with no lifejacket in charge of their toddler before the youngsters go swimming in the freezing water.

But after Facebook group Calamity Kayaking and water safety expert Paul Richardson, based nearby, tracked down the family to explain to them they had breached bylaws by not wearing buoyancy aids, the family posted a follow up video called "We are taking a break from YouTube.." in which they describe how Paul "banged on the door of their caravan" and "rudely and aggresively confronted" them. 

Sarah then goes on to call Paul "some nobody" before the pair admit that they're "completely and utter done with all of this", and "done with their memories being tainted by freaking weirdos out there".

In the video Chris, 37, also said: "It was 100 per cent on the troll side. He knew who we were, it was a personal attack and nothing to do with advising us. He's just some random joe thinking he's a jobsworth."

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At the end of their video, Chris and Sarah shared a message which read: "After speaking in depth with the actual park rangers when reporting this incident to them, we have since learned that a buoyancy aid should be attached to a boat or paddle board.

"It is not mandatory to wear them but it is recommended to carry one on the flotation device due to extreme cold temperatures and water depth.

"The wearing of which is something that we will always practice going forward on any body of water.

"Bylaws aside, water safety should always be taken into consideration.

"After being educated in an appropriate manner on this subject since this incident by lots of our amazing supporters, we have realised how important this subject is, especially in and around lochs like this.

"We have since purchased buoyancy aids for the whole family and will most certainly be using them where appropriate in future. Thank you so much for all your love and support."

Taking to Facebook, Calamity Kayaking said: "We will continue the plight for water safety as it is of the highest importance. Stay safe on the water and remember bouyancy aids at all times."

The Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park Authority has been approached for comment.

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