I WAS only elected six weeks ago but already, I have been inundated with stories from couples who have had to reschedule their weddings two, three, even four or five times.

We are in unprecedented times, but I never imagined that I would be contacted by people telling me that the government has ruined their wedding.

Couples have been left in limbo at a time that should be one of the happiest in their lives and all they want to know is when they can spend their day with their family and friends.

The stress that the uncertainty over restrictions will be placing many people under must put a heavy strain on their mental health.

The contradictions in the Covid guidance are causing real frustration.

On one side of the coin, the SNP government are giving the go ahead to thousands of people going to Glasgow Green every day for the UEFA fan zone and allowing thousands to attend matches in person at Hampden Park.

Then on the other side, they are saying to couples that their wedding must be held under strict limitations.

In many areas, that is limited to just 50 people.

How is this fair?

People in Scotland deserve to be on a fair and equal footing, and quite frankly that isn’t happening right now.

Businesses in the wedding industry are not getting a fair deal either.

Throughout this pandemic, ​I have been shocked by the way that many in the hospitality sector have been treated, when their only apparent indiscretion was asking the Scottish Government for a decent level of support.

We need to get this sector up and running again.

There are thousands of jobs and livelihoods relying on this to pay the bills and keep roofs over their heads.

To try and find a solution for couples and businesses, I have written to the Scottish Government asking for the clarity that is so desperately craved.

With the UK Government looking to remove restrictions on the numbers allowed to attend weddings south of the border, I am urging the Scottish Government to follow suit.

I am hopeful that I will receive a response from the Scottish Government but I want everyone in this situation to know that my Scottish Conservative colleagues and I are standing behind you and will do everything we can to help make your big day as special as it should be.

If you have any issue you feel I can help you on, do not hesitate to contact me on Pam.Gosal.MSP@Parliament.scot.