PLANS have been approved to allow the owners of a Dumbarton quarry to operate at the site for another 20 years.

Dumbuckhill Quarry’s owners had asked for permission to extend the current expiry date from 2024 to 2041, as well as securing new agreements for a review of mineral permissions (ROMP) to bring quarry practices up to date.

The two-part application was considered and approved by members of the planning committee on West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) last week.

The quarry has been in operation since 1948 and in 2004, the quarry area was extended along the eastern edge.

There were 14 objections to the planning application, focusing on concerns around the impact of quarrying on the landscape, noise levels, dust, and the council’s previous rejection of a bid.

The quarry is about 300 metres from homes in Milton.

Addressing Kemp Lindsay, who represented quarry operators Patersons of Greenoakhill at the committee’s meeting on June 23, Councillor Karen Conaghan asked: “Regarding the comments made about the visual impact for the community of Milton, can you offer an assurance that there will be no changes to what people see just now with regards to Dumbuckhill?”

Mr Lindsay said the remaining mineral extraction from now on will be within the bowl of the quarry, and residents will see no further machinery at the top.

He told the committee: “Since we’ve taken over, Patersons has had to work in compliance with the 2004 planning permission.

“The people on the east side will see no machinery moving around at the top of the quarry.

“Everything that has happened at the top of the quarry was in accordance with the 2004 planning permission - which has now been completed.

“All mineral extraction will be within the bowl of the quarry as we deepen the benches down.”