A HALDANE man who broke a curfew when he slept over at a friend’s house has had another week added to his punishment.

John Gordon, of Talbot Road, was told in May that he would be electronically tagged and confined to his home address every night between 7pm and 7am for three months.

Gordon, 60, was put on the curfew as a punishment for behaving in a threatening or abusive manner in Alexandria two years ago.

The offences which led to the imposition of the curfew and tag were committed in McColl Avenue on July 20 and September 16, 2019.

On the first of those dates he repeatedly shouted, swore and uttered homophobic remarks, and on the second he repeatedly struck the door of a flat and threatened violence.

On both occasions Gordon was in breach of a bail order which had been granted at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on July 2 of that year.

At the same court on Thursday, a hearing was held to find out the details of Gordon’s breach of his ‘restriction of liberty order’.

Defence lawyer Brian McGuire told Sheriff Maxwell Hendry: “The order was imposed on May 7, and had progressed perfectly well until he found out that a friend had died unexpectedly.

“Having been off the drink, he then went to a friend’s house, had a drink, fell asleep and stayed.

“He apologises for the breach, but generally seems to be complying well with the court’s instructions.”

As a result of Gordon’s breach, the tagging order was extended by a further seven days. It will now run until Saturday, August 14.

Sheriff Hendry told Gordon: “Because of your one night out, you’ve now got seven more nights in.

“If you breach the order again you will come back before me, and next time you won’t find me in such a lenient mood.”