Young people have been commended for their “remarkable resilience” throughout the Covid-19 pandemic after exam results were released. 

Council officers have congratulated pupils, parents and staff who helped these young people achieve a “super” set of results during a very challenging year which has seen more children experience higher levels of anxiety.

West Dunbartonshire Council has introduced a new programme to help pupils in this situation called Let’s Introduce Anxiety Management (LIAM) as a cognitive behaviour therapy approach.

The aim is to support those with elevated levels of distress but do not meet the CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) criteria.

An update was brought before the community planning committee this week.

Laura Mason, education officer, said: "We have staff trained in this area in our children and families nursing team but we also have an educational psychologist in our schools. 

“This is really important at this time with so many children and families struggling.”

With exam results confirmed last week, it is hoped young people will face less disruption to their education this year.

Ms Mason continued: “A couple of days ago we had the SQA results and again our staff, parents and young people really need to be commended because they have brought forward a super set of results in a very challenging year.

“The young people I met the day the results came out were just remarkable and so resilient.

"I met young people who had places at college and university which varied from hair dressing to astrophysics.

"It was really quite inspiring to talk to them.”