AN IRRESPONSIBLE jet skier almost caused yet another tragedy on Loch Lomond this summer, a meeting has been told.

Argyll and Bute councillor Lorna Douglas said a swimmer in the loch had to be rescued by a paddleboarder after getting into difficulty as a result of a jet ski user on the loch.

Her comments come after four people drowned in the loch in the space of two days last month.

Sixteen-year-old Connor Markward lost his life in the loch near Balloch Park on July 23.

The following day, Muhammed Asim Riaz, 41, his 29-year-old friend Edina Olahova, and her son Rana Haris Ali, nine, died after getting into difficulty near Pulpit Rock, Ardlui.

Councillor Douglas told a meeting of Argyll and Bute Council’s community planning group for Helensburgh and Lomond on August 19: “I do a lot of open water swimming, mainly at Luss, but at Loch Lomond signage is key.

“The National Park needs to do more with water safety – not just for swimmers, but jet skiers as well.

“Recently a jet ski almost killed a swimmer when they found it funny to go and cause some waves.

“They had to be rescued by a paddle boarder.

“It is about swimmers taking responsibility, but also some other nutters on the loch.”

Angela Anderson, the chair of the Plastic Free Helensburgh group, then said: “I sail and have done open water swimming.

“What has caused these tragedies is that there is no understanding of how cold the water is.

“Just as you come in at the Stoneymollan roundabout, and you have the big sign telling you the A83 is having roadworks done, that might be a place to state the water’s temperature or depth.”

Following the meeting, Simon Jones, director of environment and visitor services at the LLTNPA, said: “A range of different users enjoy the water in the National Park and we want to make sure they can do so safely.

“We encourage everyone who enjoys the loch – whether paddling, swimming, sailing or on a jet ski – to always have safety in mind, be aware of your surroundings and show respect for others in or on the water.

“Our boat team patrol the loch to help keep everyone safe. If they witness dangerous or reckless behaviour further action can and will be taken.”