THE Vale of Leven's dedicated rehab team took hard work and care seriously while they looked after those who need it throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The local hospital's Allied Health Professionals (Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists) assist people to overcome illness, keep healthy and live full and productive lives, and after a year where they have spent more time with their patients than their own family members, the team has been reflecting on how they have had to adapt to help their patients.

And in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals across the world were overrun with sick patients, many of those needed long term rehab to overcome their problems. But it was not only those who fell sick with Covid-19 who continued to need help.

Wards 14 and 15 at Vale of Leven are the Elderly Rehabilitation wards - Ward 14 has an emphasis on neurological conditions, with beds for stroke patients - and ward 15 sees more orthopaedic rehabilitation following various falls and fractures.

Vale AHP Team Lead Ailidh McCartney said: “The team of Physios and OTs working with older adults at the Vale of Leven Hospital are no exception. They have excelled themselves over the last 18 months, in what have been very difficult circumstances.

“Over the last year of Covid when therapists have spent more time with their patients than their own families, and the same vice versa, it has been a pleasure to see patients time and time again achieving and frequently surpassing goals. This has been achieved through a combination of clinical knowledge and experience, careful assessment, communication and most importantly putting the patient at the heart of all the decisions made.”

The Vale's facilities have also been a big help for recovering patients, said Highly Specialist Physiotherapist Sarah Reid.

“We are lucky here at the Vale to have access to a number of well-equipped rehabilitation spaces including the newly re-furbished ARC (Assessment and Rehabilitation Clinic) gym and an OT kitchen as well as spacious rehab areas on the wards giving access to parallel bars and treatment plinths." She said.

“This means we can provide rehab input with more privacy - we have found this to be especially important when we are working with our younger stroke victims and patients with neurological conditions.

“The Team encourages patients to take an active role in their treatment programmes and time is taken with each patient to discuss their goals and explore ways in which to achieve them. Here at the Vale there is a high level of integrated working between the therapists and the ward staff leading to more coordinated treatment interventions, leading to a better quality of care.”

The Team has received positive feedback from relatives and patients alike, noting that “they take the time to work at your pace and level and know when it’s time to move on and progress” and “now I have hope from their hard work, skill and encouragement”.