A MAN high on a cocktail of Valium, cocaine and gin was found with a 50cm sword in a Bonhill car park.

Patrick McAdam pleaded guilty to possession of the blade on May 25 this year in the O’Hare estate, behind shops in Ladyton, and elsewhere.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard on August 31 how McAdam’s ex was at a property in O’Hare and saw McAdam leaving the home with a sword, holding it by his side.

The woman left the home, got in her car and drove away before contacting police.

At 6.35pm, police tracked McAdam in the car park behind Ladyton shops.

On a search he was found with a 50cm sword concealed under his jumper.

It was held within a black coloured sheath.

McAdam’s defence solicitor said his client, described in court papers as an inmate at Greenock prison, went through periods of sobriety and then relapses into drink and drugs.

His last conviction was for having a weapon, for which he was jailed.

The lawyer said: “He had been on a bender. His partner...correctly contacted police.

“He has relapsed because during lockdown he couldn’t access support.

"When he is sober, he works as a painter and decorator.

"The pressure of work and not being able to access drug or alcohol counselling.”

The solicitor said his client had taken Valium, cocaine and gin before the offence.

The 35-year-old was also charged with presenting the sword at his former partner but a not guilty plea to that charge was accepted by the Crown.

He added: “It’s a vicious cycle.

"He fully accepts there’s no excuse for this.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said McAdam’s record was “worrying” with two convictions for having a blade.

He said: “I’m quite certain you understand how fearsome the sight of a drunk man with a 50cm sword would be.”

McAdam was jailed for 12 months, backdated to May 26.