The family of a vulnerable girl who was repeatedly stalked by a pensioner in Balloch has described how he “destroyed” their lives.

Craiglomond Gardens resident Martin Marley was due to be sentenced on Monday after he pleaded guilty to committing two offences in December 2018 and October the following year.

But the 74-year-old will have to wait until next week to find out his fate.

Marley pleaded guilty in July to causing the girl fear or alarm by standing outside her home, repeatedly whistling to try and get her attention, blowing kisses at her, and trying to persuade her to get into his car.

At July’s hearing, Sheriff Simon Fraser said he did not have enough information to conclude whether there was a “significant sexual element” to Marley’s behaviour – something he had been asked to do by the Crown, but which was disputed by Marley’s solicitor.

The case called on Monday before Sheriff William Gallacher – who said he would continue the case for Sheriff Fraser’s personal attention.

Supporters of the victim gathered outside the court on Monday morning.

After the hearing, one family member, who the Reporter is not naming to protect the victim’s identity, said of Marley: “He clearly knew what he was doing.

“He didn’t just destroy one life, he has destroyed our lives too.

“He does not realise what he has done to us as a family collective. This guy should not be on the streets.

“We are really disappointed that this didn’t end today. It is more heartache for us and more drama that has to continue.”

Marley’s defence solicitor told Sheriff Gallacher that he was expecting Sheriff Fraser to be present to pass sentence.

He said: “I imagined it would be dealt with by Sheriff Fraser and I certainly anticipated that Sheriff Fraser would be here today to deal with this.”

In response, Sheriff Gallacher said: “It is a case that really hasn’t moved forward.

“There is reference to the authorities having similar conversations. There is reference to continuation as to the nature of the events. It is not my concern in the sense it is not my case.

“I am not going to override another sheriff’s instructions at all.

“For my part, my recommendation is to continue the matter, and at this stage I am going to put him on bail.”

An interim non-harassment order remains in place barring Marley from approaching, contacting or attempting to approach or contact the victim.

He is due to be sentenced by Sheriff Fraser on Friday, September 24.