Nicola Sturgeon will give a Covid update today in Parliament after a drop in recorded cases on Monday. 

However, according to the Scottish government there was an IT issue which meant that Monday's figures were likely an underestimation, with the impacted data due to be included in Tuesday's reports.

In her briefing today, Nicola Sturgeon will provide the latest data on cases, hospitalisations, deaths and vaccines, as well as a general overview of the Covid situation in Scotland. 

Nicola Sturgeon is not the only leader giving a Covid update today however, with Boris Johnson set to detail Westminster's plans for dealing with the Covid pandemic over the winter months. 

It means that the first minister is likely to touch on Scotland's plans in her announcement, with health and therefore the management of the pandemic a devolved matter. 

Here's what time Nicola Sturgeon is speaking today and how to watch...

What time is Nicola Sturgeon speaking today?

Nicola Sturgeon's speech on Covid in Scotland is the fourth item on the agenda in Parliament today, and therefore should take place between 2:15-3pm. 

The specific time will depend on how quickly Holyrood moves through the first three items on the schedule. 

How can I watch Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update today?

As always, Nicola Sturgeon's Covid update will be streamed live on the Scottish government's social media pages and on Scottish Parliament TV. 

Her statement will also be live tweeted by the SNP Twitter page, and broadcast on BBC Scotland from 2:15pm.