Councillors from across the political divide have made a public commitment to a primary school in Renton after years of uncertainty over its future.

West Dunbartonshire Council agreed in 2018 that St Martin's Primary School would not be closed - but with a council election next year, and continued low numbers of children enrolled at the school, the authority's leader says concerns have been raised that the local authority may revisit options for closure.

A controversial proposal to merge it with St Mary’s Primary was withdrawn three years ago after 56 adults and more than 30 children took to the streets to march in protest at the potential closure.

At a meeting with parents, hosted by Renton Craigandro FC at Wylie Park, Councillors Jonathan McColl (SNP), along with Leven ward councillors John Millar (Labour) and Jim Bollan (West Dunbartonshire Community Party), confirmed that the school was safe, and spoke about their vision for the future of St Martin's and the opportunities to use the school for the benefit of the wider community.

Speaking after the meeting, Councillor McColl, the authority's leader, said: "We are reaffirming our commitment to the school and by setting aside party politics and coming together as elected community representatives to do so, we send a clear message to Renton, and beyond, that St Martin’s Primary School’s future is secure.

"We believe that parents have held back from sending their children to the school for fear of it being closed at some point in the near future.

"We are here together telling everyone that is not going to happen. In fact, whomever from the next administration of the council will be looking at how we can use the asset we have to further benefit the community.”

Councillor Millar said: "I’m delighted that we are all committed to keeping St Martin’s Primary School opened to provide high-quality Roman Catholic education in Renton.

"I see the benefits of this small school, and with its future secured, I am confident that more parents will make the positive choice to have their kids educated in what is a really friendly, family-oriented environment.

"The whole school community here is great from the teachers and staff to the families and friends of the school. It’s a great place for children to get a positive start in life."

Alba Party councillor Caroline McAllister said: "Unfortunately I was unable to make the meeting with parents, but I’m glad that all four of our parties are still committed to the future of the school.

"As a local member, I will continue to work with parents and fellow councillors in the ward to do whatever we can to support the staff and pupils.

"With the closure threat removed, everyone can relax and enjoy a positive future for the whole school community, and I look forward to seeing more families choose St Martin’s for their children’s primary education.”

Cllr Bollan said: “Councillors have listened to parents and removed the threat of closure from the school, and that’s a real positive.

"In the future I’d like to see a new school built, but for now the confirmation that St Martin’s isn’t under threat, and the council are going to build on the refurbishment already done and properly maintain and upgrade the school to meet pupils’ needs, is a good thing that I can support.

"I’ll be working with colleagues and the community to promote the school as we ensure that children from Renton can benefit and thrive.”

Stephen Storrie, the chair of the school's parent council, said: “It was a really positive meeting and it’s great that all of our councillors are saying the same thing - the school isn’t going to close and we can look forward to a bright future.

"This has been a long time coming. Our parents were fighting plans to close the school 40 years ago so it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from the whole community.

"We look forward to working with councillors and anyone else interested in the school to make it a real hub for the community and great place for our kids to be educated, make friends and prepare for the step up to high school education in a place that feels to us more like a family than a school.”