AN NHS 24 worker has turned her lifelong passion into a career during lockdown.

Loren Fox began writing snippets of her first novel during the start of the pandemic after being put on the shielding list, but was encouraged by her family and friends to turn it into a book.

She told the Reporter: “I have always been a writer. It has been my passion. It is where I can get lost.

“Some of my friends have read what I had already written before I had even considered publishing. They were telling me to complete it as they wanted to know what happened next.

“I then did a lot of research into this book to make it perfect. I knew when I started that I wanted my own copy of this so there was this determination to finish it.”

The 27-year-old decided to take her friends’ advice and finish what she had begun.

The Oaken Ambience is about a teenage boy called Lewis who has been groomed by his dad to takeover his unknown to him business as an assassin, but suddenly goes wrong when he has other aspirations for himself.

“It was only meant to be one book to start”, Loren added.

“I decided to make it into a three part series because of the surmountable content that I couldn’t fit in a standalone book.

“The story is about Lewis, not really knowing what’s expected of him, but he knows he is to become his dad’s second in command.

“Whenever Lewis questions his dad on what he does, he gets very vague answers. It is when he gets kidnapped the story gets you on the edge of your seat.”

From Bonhill, Loren never expected to be a writer when she left school with plans to be a vet nurse.

She added: “I loved writing the whole thing and have already began writing the second book.

“I have got walls in my room where it is covered in sheets of writing.

“My plan was always to study veterinary as I love animals.

“For me writing was never a career path, but now I can’t wait for others to enjoy my dream and share my passion.”

The Oaken Ambience is now available to purchase on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.