ALEXANDRIA'S Christie Park Primary pupils took part in this year’s Maths Week Scotland, an event which highlights the importance of maths in everyday life.

During the week pupils from each year participated in a variety of fun maths activities planned and taught by their class teachers.

Primary 1 played a variety of number games outside to help with number recognition and counting skills.

Primary 2 had to use their maths to assist a visiting astronaut and help him to return home.

P2/3 went for a walk in the forest to find out about maths in nature.

Primary 3 investigated maths in the park and displayed their data using different graphs.

Meanwhile, Primary 4 measured the outdoors using triangles and pieces of string.

P5 studied the maths to be found both on and inside a tube of Smarties, with the pupils lucky enough to get to eat them when they had finished.

The Primary 5/6 class looked at maths in art and created many interesting patterns.

Primary 6 investigated the use of codes and coding. They also learned about the Enigma machine used during WW2 to crack enemy codes.

And Primary 7 were given a budget to create a theme park on the moon.

A few school families also took part in a maths event organised by the Maritime Museum at Dumbarton's Denny Tank on Saturday, October 2, where they used their maths skills to build a boat which would float.

Laura Penny, headteacher said: “This year, the teachers were extremely creative in preparing fun and exciting maths experiences for their children.

"We all look at Maths Week as a way to raise the profile of maths with children and their families.

"Unfortunately, we were unable to invite families to school to showcase the work again this year, however classes will be sharing their work virtually on Google classrooms with family members at home.”