Quiz show Eggheads is looking for Scottish teams for their next series – could you be up to the challenge?

Applications are now open for the second series on Channel 5 hosted by Jeremy Vine and organisers are seeking Scottish contestants.

The show puts teams against the Eggheads, a group of Britain’s most formidable quizzers.

Having moved to Channel 5 with Jeremy Vine earlier this year, contestants will have the opportunity to challenge the Eggheads for a chance at the prize money, which starts at £1,000 and see’s an extra £1,000 added to the jackpot each show the Eggheads win.

The most prize money that has ever been won on the show is £75,000.

Here’s how to apply for the next series…

How can people apply for the Eggheads?

Teams of five people can apply for the Eggheads here.

One of the team members will be brought as a spare, with only four members competing on the show.

Contestants must be aged 18 or over, with filming taking place between January 8-23 2022.

If you manage to beat the Eggheads, you’ll win a cash prize.

If they win however, the prize rolls over until they can be beaten.

Applicants will be asked for their full name, age, address, phone number and occupation.

The application form will also ask if you have appeared on TV before.

You will then be asked for details about your team, including team name, team captain, how your team met, how you came up with your team name and surprising facts about you.

It also asks if you could marry anyone from history, who would it be and why?

Finally you will be asked to upload photos of your team members.

When do applications for the Eggheads close?

Applications for the next series of the Eggheads will close Friday December 10 2021 at midnight.