A MAN who allegedly raped and physically abused an ex-partner in Helensburgh and Alexandria told her he would have someone "watching" her wherever she went.

Kevin Raymond is accused of preying on the 23-year-old woman, who sobbed as she gave evidence at the High Court in Glasgow.

Among the claims she made were that Raymond caused her to end up in hospital and later had sex with her as she lay with a "busted face".

She also separately alleged the 28 year-old tried to pull down her trousers and underwear while her friend was in the room beside them.

The woman was giving evidence on Wednesday at Raymond's trial at the High Court in Glasgow where he faces a total of nine charges.

This includes claims he assaulted her to the danger of her life and also raped her.

He is further accused of being similarly physically violent to a second former lover.

The attacks are said to have occurred between 2015 and 2019 at different addresses in Helensburgh as well as at Raymond's home in Alexandria.

He denies all the charges.

The woman told how Raymond initially "treated her well" before it "turned sour quite quickly".

She alleged he was "aggressive", "manipulative" and bombarded her with "constant texts" about who she was with.

The witness claimed Raymond flew into a rage at the Logie Baird pub in Helensburgh, where he worked at the time.

The couple ended up at a fire exit area where it was claimed Raymond dragged his then lover and attacked her.

She recalled: "I must have blacked out."

The woman claimed there was "blood gushing" and believed her nose was fractured and she later had black eyes.

She added: "I remember being in the ambulance hysterical."

After the hospital, she returned with Raymond to where they were staying at the time.

She went on to state to jurors: "I went up, got changed and lay in bed with Kevin.

"I do remember...nodding off then Kevin on top of me...having sex."

Prosecutor Eilidh Roberston asked: "Were you awake when he first started having sex with you?"

The witness: "I would say in the middle...dozing off."

Miss Robertson also asked: "What was your face like?"

She replied: "Busted up."

The advocate quizzed the woman on whether she consented to what happened.

She stated: "I do not remember. I was concussed. I had Co-codamol (pain killer) in my system. I was not me."

The woman later took "selfie" photos of her facial injuries and sent them to a friend - but did not state Raymond was allegedly responsible.

Miss Robertson: "Why lie?"

The witness: "I was in love with him so much and I did not want to leave him for people to hate him."

The court heard Raymond would also call the woman names and make comments to her.

He was said to have told her: "No matter where you are, I have someone watching you."

The trial was told the couple were once in the company of the woman's friend with Raymond "trying to act the big man".

The ex-partner recalled: "He was talking about having sex. I was saying no, but he thought I was carrying on.

"He then rolled over and started trying to take my trousers down."

Raymond eventually stopped and "tried to laugh it off".

The woman insisted it had been "inappropriate".

He also allegedly assaulted her after she had been at a wine tasting event in Glasgow.

The trial, before Lady Haldane, continues.