AN UP-AND-COMING band from Dumbarton and the Vale has hailed the successful launch of its debut album - and its members say they’re “enjoying every minute” of the reaction.

The five members of Red Hearted Vibrations told the Reporter they’re “riding the wave” and feel extremely proud of Storms On The Wildfire Mountain, launched recently in front of fans from all over Scotland.

The pop and rock group consists of two sets of siblings - Laura and Steven Nelson who are on vocals and drums, and Craig and Graham White, who play guitar.

Completing the quintet, also on guitar, is Ewan Driver who’s been active on the local scene for more than a decade.

The pals, who grew up locally, praised the area’s broad array of gifted artists.

They said: “The music scene has always been kind of underground and behind closed doors in the Vale and Dumbarton, but it’s always been prominent.

“I feel like we would love to bring Dumbarton into the limelight for live music and bring people in from surrounding areas to appreciate it and watch it grow.”

The musicians describe themselves as “the biggest mismatch of people, with all different musical influences has made for the greatest local band coming together to create beautiful sounds”.

They joked: “A good song is a good song. There’s no genre we don’t love.

“We have strong rock and pop influences, with some country and folk, some metal and rap, as well as some blues and a splash of motown.”

The group waited in anticipation for the record to be pressed and described the moment of finally grasping it as a “breath of fresh air”.

They added: “There’s something really satisfying about holding your own CD.

“Looking at the artwork and knowing it’s a part of you that’s been immortalised and can be appreciated by everyone is amazing.”

Previously, the local group has played at King Tut’s in Glasgow as well as performing up and down the UK on the festival circuit.

On top of their busy schedule, Red Hearted Vibrations are also throwing a Christmas bash in the town’s Waterside Inn on Friday, December 17.

Raffle tickets will be available, with proceeds being donated to Cancer Research UK. Posters with QR codes will be dotted around town, tickets also can be found on Eventbrite.