Proof of booster jabs on the Scottish NHS Covid Status app will become available from Thursday December 9, according to the Scottish government. 

To travel to some countries, you must have been fully vaccinated against Covid within a certain time limit prior to your visit, which ranges from 180-days to a year. 

With Covid jabs rolled out from late last year, it means that some people will already be barred from travel if they cannot provide proof of a booster jab. 

Proof of a third vaccine will therefore help people to meet the vaccination requirements of certain countries. 

While proof of booster jabs was introduced in England in November, the update of the Scottish NHS vaccine passport app is taking place today. 

Here's how to get proof of the booster jab for international travel. 

How to get proof of the booster jab for international travel? 

According to the Scottish government, the NHS Scotland Covid Status app will update today to show proof of the booster jab. 

Depending on the settings on your phone, this will either update automatically or will require you to do it manually. 

If you need to update your app manually, you can do so by going to the app store and clicking on the small person icon in the top right corner. 

This will take you to your account details, where it will show you a list of the apps you have downloaded on your phone. 

Next to the app, there should be an option to update. 

The Scottish government has said that it will take differing times for the update to roll out everywhere, but that it is currently underway as of lunch time on Thursday. 

How to download the NHS Scotland Covid Status App

You can download your vaccine passport on your smartphone via the NHS Scotland Covid Status App.

Simply head to the app store on your device and search NHS Scotland Covid Status App, which is free to download.  

You must firstly read and agree to the privacy policy which explains how the app works. 

Then you can either sign-in if you have previously made an account or sign up if you are yet to create one. 

If you are signing up, it will ask you to verify your identity by uploading a photo of your passport or driving license and scanning your face with your camera.

Once you have verified your identity, you can sign up by entering your email address and sending a verification code to this address. 

It will then ask you to enter the verification code before creating a password and confirming your account. 

You will be asked for your CHI number, however it is not a problem if you don't know it - you can skip this step by clicking "No" when asked if you know your number. 

The app will then display your name and date of birth as shown on your ID, and ask for the gender to which you identify. 

You must then create a memorable 4 number pin.

This is the final step in creating your account. 

The app should then show your vaccine status, including details of initial two jabs and the booster vaccine, barcodes for each and the length of time since each of these vaccinations.

Each time you sign into the app you will be asked to enter the memorable code.