A GRIEVING Dumbarton woman’s Christmas came early after she won £102,000 on a popular radio competition.

Mary Carr was overcome with tears as she scooped the jackpot on Clyde One’s Cash Register phone-in on last Monday’s show.

The moment was made poignant as she revealed the grief of recently losing her husband, Steph, to coronavirus.

She said: “Like thousands of other families, we have been left devastated by the recent loss of someone very dear to us.  

“My husband, Steph passed away after a very short illness with COVID. Having both tested positive for the illness in October, my symptoms improved however Steph’s did not.”

The speechless caller thought it was a prank call as the Clyde One host announced she was live on-air.

Presenter Gary Spence put the overwhelmed winner at ease and assured her “this is not a wind-up”.

She opened up about the grief-stricken period following Steph’s passing and shared the tragic news of not being able to attend hospital visits due to Covid restrictions.

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The heartbroken mother added: “We have been truly devastated by the sudden loss, however the support from family and friends has been overwhelming.

“We have been comforted by the many personal accounts of time spent with Steph and just how special he was to hundreds of people.”

Mary thanked the radio station team and the presenter for his support as she came to terms with her windfall.

She said: “Gary was able to understand the impact his call had on me, the difficult times we have faced, and to keep me calm and reassure me that it was a genuine call.

"As a family we would also like to thank all those who have messaged and commented on our story – your comments are heart-warming indeed."