YOUNGSTERS have been enjoying the Christmas magic of the Loch Lomond Festive Faerie Trail.

The Faeries have transformed their trail with decorations and a new Christmas mystery that needs to be solved.

Festive trail markers throughout the woodland walk help the children to solve the mystery for the faeries, and they receive a special certificate upon completion for their efforts.

A description of the event read: "Since the beginning of time, Scottish faeries have lived by the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond.

"Happily inhabiting the forest and woodlands, living in harmony with nature, in their beautiful faerie houses.

"On the western shore of Loch Lomond sits Luss, the prettiest village in Scotland. It is here that the faeries dwell and people are invited you to join the trail on a magical adventure to explore their home.

"But please take care...when the Vikings invaded Scotland many centuries ago they brought with them some menacing trolls, who escaped and now roam through the hills and glens in the Scottish Highlands. Beware of these fearsome creatures."