A TEENAGER is hoping to raise money to create her dream feature film by involving two countries in an online fund-raiser.

Sarah Stotts, originally from Dumbarton, now lives in Perth in Western Australia – and is planning to organise an online walkathon to raise money to help put her film on the screens.

The film, In Living Memory, will navigate the story of a young girl who recently lost her sister and how she learns to cope with the loss, the importance of friendships around her and her healing journey.

Her proud mum Allison told the Reporter: “She came up with the idea of a feature film because it is very hard to get parts for her age group. They tend to want to give it to older people.

“She decided she wanted to give the people of her age the opportunity to get some experience, so she hired cast that are aged between 15-19 and a script writer to put the whole piece together.

“She is very enthusiastic and passionate about the project and we all couldn’t be more proud of her.”

However, in Australia funding and grants are few and far between for young people looking to get in the film industry.

The 17-year-old decided she wanted to organise an online walkathon so her family in Dumbarton – the Haggertys – and the wider community in the area can get involved too.

Allison continued: “Sarah is a complete fitness fanatic and she does a lot of running so we thought it would be a good idea to encourage people to start walking.

“Any proceeds that are donated no matter how small can be donated will be one step closer to making Sarah’s dream of the film on the screen come true. Plus it might be a good chance to get us fitter too.

“She has chosen these two charities because one holds a place close to her heart as she was diagnosed with type one diabetes since she was nine and the other will be able to help other young people across the globe.”

With the money raised, five per cent of all donations will go towards charities Type One Family and JCRF who both work with young people diagnosed with type one diabetes.

Anyone can sign up to participate in the walkathon whether it is in groups or as an individual.

For more information visit go.dojiggy.io/inlivingmemoryfeaturefilm/Campaign/Details