If you're looking for a way to get access to Apple Music for a discounted rate, then there is an option through EE that you can make the most of.

The music streaming service gives you access to over 60 million tracks and it also gets you access to exclusive and original content, as well as personalised recommendations.

There is access across your devices, all ad-free with the option to download songs for offline listening.

With an EE Smart Plan, you can get Apple Music free for a period of six months.

How to get Apple Music for free through EE?

If you are already on an EE Smart Plan you can log in to My EE or use the My EE app.

From there go to Menu and then onto Plans, Smart Benefits & add-ons.

After that select Smart Benefits and follow the steps to select the Apple Music pass.

Alternatively, you can choose Apple Music as a Smart Benefit via text through texting PICK to 150 to select your Smart Benefit.

After picking Apple Music as your Smart Benefit you will receive a text from EE with an activation code included.

If you're currently subscribed to Apple Music, you will need to cancel your existing subscription before you choose it as a Smart Benefit.

Once you get confirmation that your subscription has been cancelled, you can choose it as a Smart Benefit.

This will get you six months free use of the service, which will upgrade to the normal payment plan once those six months are over.

If you want to get a EE Smart Plan you can do so over on the EE website here.