A BALLOCH singer-songwriter has released her special debut cover of a popular world-wide hit.

Rachelle Rhienne has spent the last year as a lead vocalist for ITV show Masked Dancer, but she said she was ready to turn her attention back to bringing out her own music this year.

The 27-year-old has released her own version of ‘Jealous’, which was originally written by Labrinth. Rachelle said she felt “connected to the song”.

She added: “I’m well aware of its place in many people’s hearts – it was one of the first songs I performed online and it immediately resonated.

“I’ve been working hard with producers to do the song justice whilst respecting the writers’ vision”




However, during lockdown she began creating new music with her global writing team based in Scotland, Canada and Australia.

The singer’s online social media profiles already attract audiences in the millions – and a number of sponsors are already lining up before she has even released the new single.

Her manager Ian Johnston, who runs iOcco Music, is certain the singer has a bright future ahead.

He said: “Beside her voice and obvious talent, Rachelle has a rare ability to connect with people through her music and also her creative use of new technology.

“That really matters and so we are confident she will connect with a global audience in 2022.”


She was inspired by the song

She was inspired by the song


It has previously been reported how Rachelle shot her music video for single ‘Contigo’ against the stunning backdrop of Loch Lomond.

The song was a summer hit at top Ibiza clubs.

Rachelle also won the attention of the music industry in 2015 when she won a national Future Music Song Writing Competition for her track ‘The Chance To Say’.

‘Jealous’ is now available to stream through major digital music sites from in the UK, before releasing globally later this month.

For more information visit rachellerhiennejealous.com..