A DESIGNER from Dumbarton has been inspired to bring theatres back to life with his DIY miniature models.

Stuart Gordon-Smith began making model kits of different theatres during the first lockdown two years ago as a way of reconnecting with the stage.

That is when he got the idea to start his venture Ice Cream at the Interval selling DIY kits online and in theatres, where he can help raise money for charity.

He told the Reporter: “Growing up I had a love of theatres and I used to have a toy which was a wooden Victorian-styled theatre. I used to love making sets out of that.

“I had a really good support as my parents used to take me to see shows and watch the theatre scene. When the first lockdown hit we didn’t know how long they would be closed for. It was a huge part of my life and I really missed them.

Stuart Gordon-Smith started to create miniature theatres during the first lockdown

Stuart Gordon-Smith started to create miniature theatres during the first lockdown

“Theatres are an incredible spaces – real escapisms. They are a time when people forget about their general reality for a few hours, so I decided to create miniature versions. It was for myself originally, but it was my husband who encouraged me to start selling them.”

The former Our Lady and St Patrick pupil has now recreated 32 theatres from across the country – with his latest inspired by his 94-year-old grandmother Stella McGoldrick.

The 37-year-old continued: “My nanny suggested I do the Alhambra, but I thought not many people would remember it. The only record of it was in 2D form, so I thought it was a great suggestion to revisit some of these lost spaces.

“Hopefully, by recreating these spaces it helps bring back some treasured memories and shared moments among people.”

Stuart’s models have now raised an incredible £1,000 for theatre charities and he has plenty of ideas for making even more, especially of theatres that are long gone.

“I’d like to do one of the Palace Theatre in the Gorbals which, was demolished in the 1970s. It was really ornately decorated and had these incredible elephant figures,” he added.

As well as model kits, Stuart also sells prints, greeting cards and posters of his designs at etsy.com/uk/shop/IceCreamAtThe or on social media at icecreamatthe.