WEST Dunbartonshire has added just one new public electric vehicle charging point across the authority in two years.

Public points went up from 25 to 26 across the local authority, according to statistics from the Department of Transport.

By comparison, Argyll and Bute increased their points from 49 to 86 in the same time.

Residents themselves have fitted 142 home charging facilities for their electric vehicles in that time, using the government’s Electric Homecharge Scheme. It was a 122 per cent rise from two years ago.

Businesses have also installed another 13 charging points.

The number of battery-electric cars in the UK has more than doubled in two years, to more than 460,000.

By 2030, the UK Government wants 300,000 public charging points, 18 times more than at the start of the decade.

And by 2035, all car sales are expected to be battery-electric, showing the need to increase access to charging.

Dumbarton MSP Jackie Baillie said: “West Dunbartonshire is seriously underperforming when it comes to the provision of electric vehicle charging points.

“For there to be only one more publicly provided charging point now compared with two years ago is pitiful. And many of the existing charging points don’t work.

“This alongside rising rail fares and a commuter tax are making it extremely costly and difficult for people travelling for both work and leisure, particularly during a cost-of-living crisis. The SNP and Green Government talk about climate change priorities a lot – but it is clear that they are not delivering when this is the reality on the ground.

“All Labour councillors elected to West Dunbartonshire Council are determined to ensure the area is delivering on climate change targets and ensuring people have access to electric charging facilities is a vital part of that.”

The Electric Homecharge Scheme gives a 75 per cent grant towards the cost of installing a charging point, up to £350.

But residents have to have a private, off-street parking spot, so isn’t suitable for many car owners.

West Dunbartonshire Council have been approached for comment.