A BONHILL man told his ex-partner’s manager he was “on a warpath” when she didn’t pick up his 38 calls, a court has heard.

David McIver, of Pappert, Alexandria, called the Winnock Hotel in Drymen’s front desk six times when he couldn’t get hold of his former partner in October last year.

The procurator fiscal told Dumbarton Sheriff Court that the relationship ended in August last year as she believed McIver cheated on her. The fiscal depute said that prior to the break-up McIver’s behaviour had escalated and he “frequently shouted at her”.

It was described during the hearing on one occasion that the partner intended to go to bed, but he followed her, pulled the covers off her and shouted in front of her that “she must listen to him”.

Then at the beginning of July last year, McIver’s partner was at a friend’s house where he turned up and shouted at his ex in front of the friend ‘you ruined my f*****g night. You always ruin my f****g night. You f*****g mongrel”.

After the relationship ended, the 31-year-old kept turning up at his ex’s house unannounced and continued to constantly phone her.

On October 13, she went to work at Winnock Hotel and decided to stay the night after having a few drinks after her shift. The next day McIver phoned her but didn’t get through due to poor signal reception. He then phoned her work landline and the receptionist told him that she was not there.

He phoned the receptionist again and told her that she was “a liar”. He then proceeded to call the hotel six times and his former partner 38 times. He then sent a text message to her manager which said “Don’t lie for her mate. I’m on the warpath right now”.

Then on November 9, McIver sent two Whatsapp videos where he threatened suicide as “he had nothing else” and hurt himself “as a way to get her attention”.

He then sent a further message which said ‘You can not honestly go out and be a tart”.

His defence solicitor Kenneth McGowan said: “The narration does him no credit. He has taken responsibility and hasn’t tried to suggest that there is responsibility for this conduct by placing any on her.”

“The preparation of the [social work] report gave him some food for thought. I think things were said to him that would help benefit his manner.”

Sheriff John Hamilton placed McIver on a community payback order for 12 months under social work supervision and ordered him to complete 100 hours of unpaid work.

The sheriff also imposed a non-harassment order where McIver cannot communicate or attempt to communicate with the victim for 18 months.