Friends from Loch Lomond have successfully completed their unique challenge on paddleboard to raise money for charity.

Fiona Flanagan, who runs a bed and breakfast in Balmaha, and singer-songwriter Dave Arcari, raised money for Scottish Mountain Rescue with each of them covering 56 miles on Loch Lomond throughout the month of May.

As the pair reached the shore after their final paddle on the last day of the challenge (May 31) donations stood at an impressive £1,658, but have since reached £1,778.

Dave said: “We’re not sure when the donations close, so there may be even more to come. I think our original fund-raising target was £300 and when we got close to that figure we upped our target and repeated the process.

“We had passed the £1,000 mark and Fiona said ‘think we can get to £1,500?’.

“I was a little doubtful but we kept things going and smashed that target too.”

Fiona and Dave were the only fund-raisers taking up the challenge on stand-up paddleboard – most participants chose to walk, cycle or run the distance.

While 56 miles each on stand-up paddleboard in just a month is quite a feat in itself, the real challenge wasn’t the distance.

Fiona added: “Conditions through May weren’t very conducive to paddleboarding. Neither of us can remember a May with such poor weather and constant high winds.”

Despite the weather the pals – based on the east side of Loch Lomond – pulled off the challenge.

Summarising their effort Dave added: “We’re delighted to have completed the challenge and raised a good amount of money – a big thanks from us both to all who supported us. We really appreciate every donation and in turn are supporting Scottish Mountain Rescue.”

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