Threadbare rail timetables in West Dunbartonshire have been revealed for next week as a series of crippling strikes look set to reduce train travel to a minimum.

ScotRail's timetable is already cut back because of disputes with ASLEF union members, but a national strike by signallers against Network Rail will axe almost all rail travel in Scotland.

A new timetable has been revealed for June 22 and 24 with just basic access for communities along the north bank of the Clyde.

Early morning and all evening services are cancelled both days.

And many regular services start or stop at stations along the route during the day.

There are half-hourly trains running from Balloch to Airdrie, but only between 8.08am and 7.08pm. A last train at 7.43pm terminates at Dalmuir.

The trains from Airdrie to Balloch run between 7.44am and 19.45pm.

The service from Cumbernauld to Dalmuir runs hourly from 8.15am to 8.17pm. In the other direction, it runs from 8.27am to 7.30pm.

The Dalmuir to Larkhall service starts at 7.47am and runs every 30 minutes until 8.17pm. Going from Larkhall to Dalmuir, trains run every 30min from 7.33am to 7.03pm.

Dalmuir to Motherwell runs from 7.58am to 9.03pm, with two services an hour - but at the top of the hour and then nine minutes later. Going the other way, trains start at 7.19am and run at least twice an hour until 9.17pm.

Trains from Dalmuir to Whifflet run from 7.39am every hour until 6.40pm. Going the other way, they run from 8.02am to 19.59pm.

There are two trains from Yoker to Dalmuir, at 8am and 8.15am both days, and one from Yoker to Helensburgh at 7.51am.

The service from Edinburgh to Helensburgh starts at 7.49am and runs with two an hour until 8.52pm.

Trains from Helensburgh to Edinburgh run from 7.22am to 8.02pm, with two every hour.

ScotRail has published the strike timetable online as well as amended services