A warning has been issued to Brits planning a barbecue this weekend as a heatwave hits the UK.

Parts of the UK are expected to sizzle in temperatures of 34C (93.2F) as the hot spell of weather reaches its sweltering peak on Friday.

With the scorching weather, many of us will be planning to dust of our BBQs, sparking a warning from the Food Standards Agency over a popular BBQ snack.

The FSA has warned not to leave burgers pink in the middle warning “burgers are not like a steak”.

FSA director of policy Steve Wearne said: "It's important that people realise that burgers are not like steak.

"Harmful bacteria can be carried on the surface of cuts of meat. When a rare steak is seared these bacteria are killed, but burger meat is minced so bacteria from the surface of the raw meat gets mixed all the way through the burger.

"These bacteria can remain alive on the inside, unless the burger is fully cooked through, no matter how good quality and expensive the meat."

Firefighters issue warning over fire risk in UK heatwave

Meanwhile, firefighters are warning that there is an increased risk of fires due to the heatwave.

In the last five years, London’s firefighters have attended almost 600 fires involving barbecues, 45 of which were on private balconies.

The Brigade’s assistant commissioner for fire safety, Charlie Pugsley, said: “We want people to enjoy the glorious weather and do so safely.

“Barbecuing on dry grass is reckless and can easily cause a really serious fire – damaging the immediate area and risking nearby properties.

“We’re also urging people to think twice about having barbecues on balconies.

“It’s easier than you might think for a balcony fire to spread to others, which could not only leave you homeless but displace hundreds of your neighbours too.

“We’re not trying to take the fun out of the heatwave, but for the sake of our city – and of our firefighters who have to work in sweltering temperatures to tackle these blazes – we’d really like people to take our advice on board.

“We’re asking the public to remain vigilant and call 999 as soon as they see any signs of smouldering grass.”