A WOMAN who struggles with addiction would found more stability in prison, a sheriff argued in court.

Jade Burgoyne, of Broomley Crescent, Alexandria, has been before Dumbarton Sheriff Court several times for crimes such as theft and has previously served time in jail.

On June 17, the 30-year-old returned to court over a charge of reset a quantity of bags, cosmetics, toiletries, electrical goods, hand bags, sun glasses, DVDs, books, clothing, footwear, and towels in May 2020, all of which were obtained by theft.

Defence solicitor Lauren Kerr admitted the social work report on her client was “worrying”. And Sheriff John Hamilton said he read the same document with “dismay”.

Ms Kerr said Burgoyne had been in the Safe as Houses project but left due to bullying from other residents, and was back staying with her mum.

Sheriff Hamilton said: “The report said she declines assessment for a drug treatment and testing order [DTTO]. If she has the capacity to undertake a DTTO, I’m not convinced.”

Ms Kerr said: “She very much is in a position where she wanted to get some help. My concern is the alternative would be to sned her to custody.”

But the sheriff replied: “I think that’s a point for discussion. She’s not in the place to do a community payback order [and] not in a place to do DTTO.

“Would a period in custody give her a period of stability? Is there not an argument that that’s not the best option? Otherwise, there’s nothing else.”

The defence solicitor said her client had been in custody before. She said: “She knows it’s not a good place for her. There’s nothing to say she’s not going to have access to drugs in there as well.”

“What else can we do?” asked the sheriff. “She says herself she’s not going to do a DTTO. I’m bereft to suggest what we can do.”

Ms Kerr replied: “When I read the report, I thought there’s not a chance she’s going to be here, but she is here.

“She did something wrong [in 2020]. Sinc ethen a series of horrific events have happened to her.”

Again the sheriff asked if prison was the best place, but Ms Kerr said that in prison it was “easier to get drugs than on the street”.

Sheriff Hamilton deferred sentence and ordered a DTTO assessment, adding: “Here’s hoping”.

Burgoyne will return to court on July 8.