A year of celebration is being launched by the council to celebrate Dumbarton’s 800-year anniversary.

The town’s octocentenary will be marked on July 8, 800 years since the foundation charter for the Royal Burgh of Dumbarton was sealed by Alexander II in Jedburgh.

And the council will recognise the occasion by beginning 12 months of celebratory activities that will highlight Dumbarton’s rich history and heritage.

Councillor Martin Rooney, chair of the authority's culture committee and also the council's leader, said: "I'm very pleased the plans to celebrate Dumbarton are moving forward.

“It's a fantastic line-up of events that will truly honour Dumbarton's legacy and educate our pupils about Dumbarton's history through the links with our senior citizens.

“I encourage all of our residents to get involved by sharing their own memories and letting the Arts and Heritage team know what Dumbarton means to them.”

Dumbarton residents will be asked to contribute photographs of their favourite Dumbarton places to the council’s local history collection, accompanied by captions that give context in the form of an anecdote or memory that connects people and place.

It is hoped that this collecting initiative will promote the intergenerational opportunities of the programme, with young people and older residents sharing their experiences of Dumbarton to promote learning and build new relationships.

Alongside this, there will be a mix of online and in-person activities throughout the year.

Young people from local schools and early learning centres will be invited to take part in in workshops and creative activities that explore the area’s proud history, with Dumbarton Castle, Dumbarton Rock and the town centre all featuring.

A video exploring the story of Dumbarton through the eyes of its young people will be produced.

Councillor June McKay, vice-chair of the culture committee, said: “This is a really exciting celebration for West Dunbartonshire and an opportunity for people in and outside of Dumbarton to learn about our heritage and history.

"This programme of events will engage residents of all ages and all walks of life, and really demonstrate the importance of place and culture in our communities.”