A MAN who pulled the radiators from the walls at his home in Dumbarton has been ordered to behave himself.

Kyle O’Neill ripped the equipment from his walls and threw a wooden table leg at his window, causing damage at his former home in Overburn Terrace on April 17, 2020.

O’Neill, 32, pleaded guilty at a previous court hearing to wilfully destroying the property belonging to another.

He appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court for sentencing on July 19.

His defence agent, Brian McGuire, said: “For a long time he didn’t have very much support in place.

“For a considerable amount of time he would come to me with his problems and I couldn’t assist him and [social worker] did all that she could.

“However for a long time he was left in that property and we both knew the best thing that could happen is move, but for whatever reason nothing was done.

“He has moved now. ”

Mr McGuire added: “Things seem to have improved and he hasn’t committed an offence since this occasion.”

Addressing O’Neill at his sentencing, Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said: “I hope that people are going to try to help you, but it is also very important that you try to help yourself.

“And one of the ways you can do that is when you are given any kind of appointment, you must go to that.”

Previously the Reporter told how O’Neill was placed on a community payback order after he smashed a window at the same property in Dumbarton and shouted “get me the f*****g jail” when police arrived at the scene.

He also launched a tirade of verbal abuse at officers and refused to calm down when warned to behave himself.

Mr McGuire, also defending O’Neill on that occasion, said it was in a deliberate attempt from to get himself arrested.

Sheriff Hendry deferred sentencing until September for the completion of a psychiatric report.

He ordered O’Neill to be of good behaviour until then.