A MAN who participated in a stand-up fight in a bar was fined significantly less by a different sheriff compared to his mates.

Stuart Busby was in The Ettrick, in Old Kilpatrick, watching the Celtic vs Lazio football match with two pals, David Goode and David Cranmer.

The CCTV footage in the pub caught Busby approaching the group of unknown males in an attempt to “calm things down”, but was shortly seen grabbing an unidentified person’s neck from behind, pulling him to the ground and kicking him.

Procurator fiscal Daisy Bentley said that he was later seen punching another person and “grappling” before stepping back from the fight to encourage people to leave the pub, but the 49-year-old still appeared to be acting in an aggressive manner.

His defence solicitor said: “He has been out of trouble for a number of years. He deeply regretted his actions and he is aware that he shouldn’t have acted in the way that he did.

“He tried to break up the fight and act as a peacemaker before matters escalated but unfortunately ended up getting involved himself.”

Previously the Reporter told that co-accused Cranmer was fined £1,200 for his involvement in the incident and Sheriff Hamilton fined Goode £1,000 during the hearing on June 28 as he was not impressed when his defence lawyer said he was rewarded in recognition with a free pint.

At the time, Sheriff Hamilton said: “He was rewarded for his troubles? That looks awful.

“There was a big rally in the bar and the barman says ‘all pints on me boys’ because there was a big scrap yesterday.

“He should have said ‘I am not giving you a pint because your behaviour was disgraceful’.”

However, at the hearing on July 19 Busby appeared for his sentencing after Sheriff Hamilton granted a warrant for his arrest as he was on holiday.

Addressing him Sheriff Kirsty Hood said: “I note from the narration and what’s said on your behalf that you did initially attempt to become the peacemaker, but as you realise, you foolishly became involved in the incident yourself and behave in a way that is unacceptable.

“I have taken into account everything that has been said on your behalf and read the terms of the [social work] report for your actions that day. I am able to follow the recommendations of the report and impose a financial penalty.”

Busby, of Craigielea Road, Clydebank, was fined £320 plus a £20 victim surcharge fee, which he will pay back at £30 per fortnight.