A LUSS community group has urged the council not to charge local residents for parking as plans to implement permanent restrictions in the area will be discussed at a public meeting.

Luss and Arden Community Council were responding to a notice by Argyll and Bute Council inviting constituents to a meeting at the Loch Lomond Arms Hotel this month about making parking limits brought in during the pandemic a permanent fixture.

Andy McClay, of the community council, said: “Luss and Arden Community Council are generally supportive of the latest proposals by Argyll and Bute Council for traffic Management in Luss.

“We do however object to residents being charged for the privilege of parking at their homes. We believe the Council has a significant revenue stream from Luss car park and the fines issued for illegal parking under the present system and as such residents should not be charged for parking permits.”

At the height of Covid, traffic regulation measures were imposed on the village and saw the painting of double yellow lines on several roads, the installation of signs and the introduction of parking permits.

The move was welcomed by residents at the time as chaos caused by day trippers and tourists not using the paid car park was becoming a nightmare for locals to live with.

The local authority referred proposals to an independent reporter, Mike Croft, to review and he will chair the meeting on Tuesday, August 23 where any objections can be heard.

Banning of driving within the core village area except for residents and business owners, restricted parking unless with a local permit and a stop to parking on the old A82 except in parking short stay bays are all part of the new measures.

Jackie Baillie, Dumbarton constituency MSP said: “The problems regarding parking in Luss have been well documented and I have supported Luss Community Council and Luss Estates in their request to the council for a Traffic Regulation Order to manage the flow of traffic in the village.

“I welcome any steps which are taken to ensure the residents of the village are able to go about their daily lives without disruption and that the village is not gridlocked by the sheer volume of traffic trying to descend on the area.

“There is now sufficient parking available around the village that no-one needs to drive through and the proposed Traffic Regulation Order will make a positive difference.”