A MOTORIST has been arrested after they were allegedly caught driving under the influence of drugs in Dumbarton.

Officers from Police Scotland's road policing unit in the town stopped the driver on Wednesday (August 3).

A drug wipe test was then carried out and cops said that the driver reportedly tested positive for cannabis.

Officers have since issued a message urging people to seek help if they are struggling with drug misuse.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Please seek help from local authority alcohol and drug teams if you are struggling with drug misuse and please do not drive after taking drugs.

"It's not just your life you will ruin."

In a separate incident on Tuesday (August 2), a driver was reported for allegedly driving in the town with a revoked licence and no insurance.

A van driver was also arrested on the same day in a further incident for reportedly driving under the influence of drugs.

Officers from Dumbarton's road policing unit said that a drug wipe test was carried out at the roadside and that the motorist allegedly tested positive for cannabis.

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In a third and separate incident on August 2, cops stopped a car in Dumbarton after it "drew attention to itself".

Officers said that two of the vehicle's tyres reportedly had exposed cord/ply and that it did not have an exhaust silencer.

The motorist was reported to the procurator fiscal.