Dunelm stores across the UK have re-introduced a Christmas tree with tags ahead of the festive period.

The tree tags are labelled with an age range, interests, and gender, and customers can take tags from the tree when they visit Dunelm stores.

Customers can then find presents to fit the criteria on the tags and make someone in need happy this Christmas.

When a customer asked Dunelm on Twitter if all stores had a tree, a member of the team behind the account said: “Yes all stores will have a tree but if you wanted to confirm before you travel you can message your local stores Dunelm community support group on Facebook and they will be able to let you know for definite.”

The presents can also be bought for animals who would benefit from some festive cheer this Christmas.

How to get involved with Dunelm’s Deliver Joy Christmas scheme

To take part, customers need to choose a tag from the tree and buy a present that suits the description.

The present/s must be returned to a Dunelm store in a gift bag by Sunday, December 11.

Pictures of the gifts donated can be shared on Dunelm’s local community Facebook pages as the retailer says it will provide updates on where the presents are going and who is receiving them.

Dunelm customers help those in need by donating toys, toiletries, and more

Some customers have taken to Twitter to share their acts of kindness while others have asked for inspiration for what to buy.

One said: "KE is off school today so we've been down to Dunelm and he has chosen some tags off the giving tree and we will be buying some presents for children who wouldn't have got anything. Nearly in tears reading the tags and thinking how lucky we are."

Another tweeted: "Gifts for 4 young kids this Christmas, get your tag from dunelm stores Xmas tree."

Along with two pawprint emojis, an animal rescue tweeted: "We are ever so grateful for our friends at Dunelm. They have once again included us in their 'Delivering Joy' Christmas campaign. Their Christmas tree is now up in store and allowing customers the opportunity to spread the joy and donate gifts for Christmas."

Find out more about the Deliver Joy scheme via the Dunelm website.