RECORD numbers of issues are being dealt with by West Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau as residents continue to face the challenges of the cost-of-living crisis.

Local advisers dealt with 3,528 matters after receiving more than 1,100 contacts with clients during January.

News of the assistance comes at a time when the national CAB service is reporting that people across Scotland are making cleaning cutbacks as they continue to face financial challenges.

Joe McCormack, chief executive officer of West Dunbartonshire Citizens Advice Bureau, commented: “When people contact us at the Bureau, they often have more than a single issue.

“For example, if someone has lost their job and want to ask about benefits, our advisers will want to know why they lost their job –was it a fair dismissal? Was it unfair? If it’s redundancy, has notice been given? Is the calculation correct?

“Our adviser would then look at whether the client would be entitled to benefits, so that would involve looking at the client’s circumstances such as is there a partner, are there children in the household, is an emergency payment required.

“Because we provide a holistic service in the course of our discussion there may well be concerns about the payment of rent, mortgage, council tax, money for food, heating, etc. In the course of that single conversation with that client we will have a number of discussions around various welfare issues.”

Analysis of polling by YouGov finds that as a result of rising energy bills and high inflation, 48 per cent of adults in Scotland have had to cut back on cleaning. For some it means showering or bathing less, whilst others are using washing machines and tumble dryers less. Some reported cutting back on toiletries and sanitary products.

WDCAB is participating in the Big Energy Saving Winter, a campaign encouraging people worried about energy bills and the cost-of-living to seek advice.

Joe added: “People can work with us to go through their options to find one that works for them. We are for everyone, whether they are working or not. We don’t judge, we just help – and our advisers get real results.”

People are encouraged to get in touch with CAB if they are worried about the cost of bills. Call on 0800 484 0136 or visit