THE Bird of Prey Centre at Loch Lomond is set to reopen this weekend after closing for winter.

Visitors will be able to head along to the centre from 10am on Saturday, February 11. 

Staff at the popular attraction have, however, asked the public to "bear with them" as they attempt to complete outstanding work. 

It is understood that there have been delays with tree work due to poor weather conditions and that the centre's flying area is not yet finished.

Eager visitors will however be able to enjoy daily flying shows in the coming weeks with performances expected to re-start shortly. 

A Loch Lomond Bird of Prey Centre spokesperson said: "The Bird of Prey Centre will re-open to visitors tomorrow, February 11 at 10am. 

"Please bear with us, we still have a lot of work to complete. The weather has not been kind to us and we have experienced delays with the tree work.

"The flying area is not completely finished, and there are a few other jobs to complete around the site.

"We are gradually bringing more birds into the flying team after their winter break. 

"Daily flying shows should re-commence shortly. The team may be a bit rusty for a few days, but we are sure we will be back to normal after a few days.

"We look forward to seeing you."