PLANS to create a new school in Renton for children with additional support needs look set to be ratified by West Dunbartonshire Council (WDC) – despite a low level of response to a public consultation.

The council wants to set up the new facility in the former Riverside early learning and childcare centre (ELCC), next to St Martin’s Primary School and Vale of Leven Academy.

A report to go before WDC’s educational services committee next week reveals that not a single member of the public attended an online consultation meeting on the plans, held last October.

Twelve members of the public attended an in-person meeting at St Martin’s Primary on the same day – while just seven completed an online questionnaire, all but one of them in favour.

The same report reveals that the Roman Catholic Archidiocese of Glasgow is also backing the proposals – but has asked for a range of safety and security issues to be given consideration. 

The report on the public consultation, to go before councillors at a meeting on March 8, states: “This will be a refurbishment, not just an upgrade and the layout will be different from the layout used for Riverside ELCC. 

“There will be two separate schools, with two separate entrances and each school would have its own senior management team. 

“The design for the building will ensure safety for all pupils and staff. There will be an additional security door, each school would have their own toilets and areas. Use of shared facilities will be through a robust timetabled system.

“Education Scotland agree that the proposal has the potential to bring clear educational benefits for young people with additional support needs attending the school. Almost all stakeholders who spoke with HM Inspectors or responded in writing are supportive of the proposals and recognised that it will enhance the current provision within West Dunbartonshire and provide an option for children to be educated locally.”

The public consultation ran from October 3 to November 11 last year; the report on the findings will be considered by the committee on Wednesday, March 8.