FAMILIES were forced to leave Balloch Park recently after "a number of individuals" got drunk and began fighting, police have said.

Officers report that there have been large groups of young people enjoying the weather at Balloch Park and Luss over the past few days. 

Despite the majority showing respect and consideration for the local community and tourist spots, cops say there have been various anti-social behaviour [ASB] incidents. 

These include people putting a lit disposable barbecue into a bin and people getting drunk and fighting.

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter:

Images published on social media show rubbish strewn across grassy areas and beaches in the national park.

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter:

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter:

Police Scotland has since issued a stern warning to those planning to visit the area.

It reads: "Over the past few days, we have seen large groups of young person’s enjoying the weather in areas such as Balloch Park and Luss.

"The vast majority of those visiting are warmly welcomed as they show respect and consideration to our local community and tourist locations.

"Unfortunately, we have also had a number of individuals who clearly have fewer social standards than our community expects or deserves.

"Why would you walk away leaving all the leftovers and rubbish from your lunch? Why would you put a lit disposable BBQ in a bin? Why would you get drunk and start fighting with other people causing families to leave the park?

"Our communities don’t deserve to put up with this ASB! That is why we will be out in force looking for those who do not treat our communities with respect.

"Our officers and partners will be proactively seizing alcohol, issuing fines, and, where necessary, making arrests.

"If you are an individual who can’t meet the standards we expect, we have a simple message. Don’t come!

"We are behind our local communities working with them to keep our area safe and welcoming for all."