A tech expert has revealed the three common phrases used by cold callers that should raise alarm bells and see you hang up your phone.

Over the last few years, fraud cases have increased dramatically, seeing many households scammed out of their hard-earned money.

One of the most common means to separate you from your money is when cold callers masquerade as a legitimate retailer or as a loved ones with the "hi mum, hi dad" scam.

However, while these calls may seem convincing at times, tech expert Dr Klaus Schenk revealed key signs of a phone scam to The Sun.

Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter: Scam callers will often ask for personal information very quickly (Canva)Scam callers will often ask for personal information very quickly (Canva) (Image: Canva)

You should hang up your phone if you hear these three things from cold callers

The technology expert revealed the three phrases commonly used by cold callers intent on scamming unsuspecting people.

The expert from software company Verimatrix revealed call recipients should be wary when a call comes to unknown numbers, adding: "Be wary if the caller asks for immediate payment or requests you to disclose personal information.

"Promises of lucrative financial opportunities or gifts, along with emotional manipulation tactics, should also raise suspicion. Thirdly, you should be very cautious when anyone on the phone asks you to "install an app".

He said: "Similarly if the caller insists on installing certain apps or demands a comprehensive set of personal details, it is advisable to exercise caution."

This advice comes amid a damaging new scam that used Martin Lewis' image to promote an investment app.

The scam involved the use of a deepfake video showing an A.I generated Money Saving Expert founder promoting the service.

The ITV1 Money Show host called the scam "disgraceful" adding that "It's pretty frightening".

Martin Lewis then called on regulators to do more to curb the use of such software for these purposes, saying: "People'll lose money and it'll ruin lives."