A woman hurled racist abuse at shop staff and then punched someone who tried to get her off the street.

Janine Munley appeared from custody at Dumbarton Sheriff Court and also admitted spitting at a police officer when cops ran to break up the attack.

The 31-year-old pleaded guilty to a series of charges related to the incident in Bellsmyre.

In the afternoon of May 26 this year, Munley went into the Day Today store in Merkins Avenue.

There were people in the area at the time, including children, said fiscal depute Tiffany Chisholm.

At about 1.40pm, two members of staff were on duty in the Day Today when the woman entered.

She tried to indicate what she wanted but staff couldn't understand her. Eventually, the woman asked for cigarettes and the staff's reaction led Munley to react angrily.

She started shouting "f*ck off" and was asked to leave.

Munley walked off but returned at about 2pm and was again asked to leave the shop.

She told staff to "f*ck off" and "black b*stard" and "f*ck off black".

Staff called 999 and she walked off towards Whiteford Avenue.

Another woman who knew of Munley had heard of the trouble at the Day Today and went in search of her to get her off the street.

But as she caught up with Munley, she turned and grabbed the woman by the wrists.

Other witnesses in a passing vehicle saw this and got out and tried to help the victim into their car.

Munley then grabbed her and started to strike her to the face with clenched fists.

Police were again called and the attacker was seen to repeatedly punch the woman to the face as officers ran towards the attack.

The two officers called for backup and Munley spat at one of them, narrowly missing his right leg.

She was held in custody for court after the attack left the other woman with a bloody nose.

When she was arrested, Munley replied: "Aye, get me sectioned."

At the court hearing on August 29, the woman pleaded guilty to acting in a threatening or abusive manner, shouting, swearing and acting in an aggressive and erratic manner, refusing to leave the Day Today and uttering racial remarks.

The offence was racially aggravated and Munley was on three previous bail orders at the time, from April 11, 2022, April 26, 2023 and May 23, 2023 - four days before the offence.

She also admitted that in Whiteford Avenue, she seized a woman by the wrists, pushed her and repeatedly punched her on the head to her injury.

And Munley, listed in court papers as a prisoner in Edinburgh, pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer by spitting at him.

Defence solicitor Brian McGuire said: "All the offences seem to have happened at a period of considerable unravelling in her life."

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry deferred sentence for social work reports until September 27.