A review of polling places and districts within West Dunbartonshire is due to begin in October it has been confirmed. 

During Wednesday’s full council meeting a paper was presented to elected members advising them that a full review, which is carried out every five years, was due to take place, despite an interim review in 2020. 

Council officers will now inspect the existing polling arrangements and submit their proposals to councillors this December who must approve any substantial changes before they are implemented next February.   

In 2020 polling places included Kilmaronock Millennium Hall in Gartocharn, Lennox Hall in Jamestown, Bonhill Primary School, Cutty Sark Centre and West Kirk Church Hall in Dumbarton.

During the meeting questions were raised about the proposals and how this would affect community halls scheduled for closure. 

SNP councillor Lauren Oxley said: “I was just wondering if this would take into consideration the recent budget decision as some of the halls are due to close or be relocated.

“Will this be taken into consideration during the review?”

Peter Hesset, chief executive of West Dunbartonshire Council, said: “This is obviously something that we are aware of as part of the review and the department has had discussions in terms of the halls being passed over to community organisations who would take on the lease and whether that would allow them to continue to use them in elections.

“In the past it has been included as a condition of lease but that would be subject for negotiation.”