An abusive Dumbarton man has been banned from any contact with his ex for three years.

Gary McMahon spent more than three years subjecting the woman to abusive and derogatory comments and messages.

The 45-year-old even called police and social workers making allegations she was a threat to a baby.

His own defence solicitor recognised "considerable" work was needed to change her client's attitudes.

At Dumbarton Sheriff Court on September 19, fiscal depute Corey Laouadi said the couple met online in March 2016 and started a relationship that "appeared to be going well" at first.

But just months in, McMahon didn't seem to believe his partner's whereabouts and was distrustful.

He repeatedly called his partner names such as "a rat" amongst other abusive comments.

In one incident, when they were in bed, McMahon started shouting at the woman accusing her of "touching herself in a sexual manner".

The woman said she was "petrified" and tried to escape the property.

After she left, McMahon followed her in his vehicle, shouting at her to get in.

He regularly sent abusive or threatening messages. These included, "you grassed me up", "you f***ed up this time", "you daft cow", "now I will not be able to stop what's coming to you".

Another said: "All you will ever be is a manky wee cow."

Sheriff David Pender cut off the prosecutor as he read out the messages, having heard enough examples.

The woman eventually contacted police in August 2022 and he was arrested in January 2023.

When cautioned and charged, McMahon replied: "It's ridiculous, it never happened."

He later pleaded guilty to a course of conduct between April 1, 2019 and August 23, 2022 at his home in Whiteford Avenue, Cronin Street, and elsewhere in Dumbarton.

He repeatedly shouted, swore, uttered derogatory remarks towards his ex and repeatedly sent threatening and abusive messages to her.

And he repeatedly contacted police and social workers alleging his ex was caring for a child while under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Defence solicitor Judith Reid said her client stood by his position to social workers that the victim "has issues and he was trying to resolve the issues".

She said McMahon would require "considerable" intervention. She said he alleged that the victim "regularly contacted him asking for money".

Ms Reid said of a court order to work with social workers: "Discussing his attitude would be of some considerable assistance."

Sheriff Pender imposed a community payback order with social work supervision for 18 months. McMahon must also do 200 hours of unpaid work in the community within the next year.

A non-harassment order was imposed banning any contact with the woman for three years.