A Dumbarton man who told cops he was going to "murder" his partner has been allowed to renew a relationship with her in England.

Luke Sinclair previously pleaded guilty to shouting, swearing, acting in an aggressive manner towards police and uttering threats to cause harm to the woman in June.

The 44-year-old, previously of Kingfisher Avenue, Dumbarton, has since moved to Harwich, Essex, but returned to Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week for sentencing.

Fiscal depute Euan Nicholson told the court on October 17 that Sinclair and his partner had been in a relationship for about 12 years.

Around 6.30pm on June 19, police had reason to attend a property in Kingfisher Avenue, Bonhill, and found Sinclair sitting on porch steps.

They tried to engage with him but he walked off and shouted and swore at officers.

He called them "f***ing c***ts" amongst other words.

Sinclair was arrested but continued to be verbally abusive to officers, repeating his comment from earlier and saying, "I'm going to murder her".

Defence solicitor Stephen McGuire said: "The couple are now under the same roof.

"There is a lot contained in the [social work] report which I'm sure raised my lady's eyebrows for a number of reasons.

"[The complainer] never regarded herself as a victim of anything in this case. However, the comments were directed to her."

He said both parties were "under pressure" over difficulties with neighbours.

"They are at the other end of the country," he added.

He said if the "situation" happened again, authorities there would deal with it.

"He has no plans to return to Scotland," said Mr McGuire.

Sheriff Clair McLachlan said there were a "number of analogous offences" which took Sinclair "into custodial territory".

Instead, she imposed a direct alternative to custody, with a community payback order for 12 months of social work supervision.

He must also do 92 hours of unpaid work in the community within six months.

She asked him: "Things are a bit better now that you have moved?"

"Yes," replied Sinclair.

"Good, I'm glad to hear it," said the sheriff.

The order will be transferred to Essex.