Funding to regenerate Alexandria including its town centre has been redistributed to other areas of West Dunbartonshire while the council carries out community consultations.

Work costing £336,000 was supposed to be delivered in Alexandria during 2022/23 in line with the council’s masterplan but due to the nature of these projects, communities must be consulted before ideas can progress.

This means the projects, which includes work being carried out to Dalmonach Steps, property improvements at the shopping centre, town centre car park improvements and repairs to the facade of Alexandria Library, cannot be delivered within the timeframe required to use the PBIP (Place Based Investment Programme) funding. 

The remaining £310,000 will now be used to help develop an activity centre in Clydebank and the £471,000 of funding allocated for 2023/23 distributed throughout West Dunbartonshire as part of a community grant approach. 

A document presented to councillors insists this will not impact the overall funding available for Alexandria and the full £1.14 million will be invested to improve Alexandria by 2025/26.

The Alexandria masterplan is made up of 12 projects as follows:  Main Street, Smollett Fountain,  Property Improvements,  Mitchell Way,  New Homes,  Alexandria Library,  St Andrew’s Church,  Community Education Centre,  Green Heritage, Corridors  Cycling and Walking Network 

Christie Park  Lomond Galleries Speaking about the plans, SNP councillor Jonathon McColl said: “I am happy with the recommendations. There has been a lot of work going on and obviously to deliver what has been delivered and to make sure we are planning what is going to happen in the future.

“I am very impressed and very pleased with it.  “I would ask that when officers are coming up with detailed plans for implementation we just have in mind the financial sustainability of it – in terms of ongoing maintenance arrangements that will be put in place.

“Given the financial pressures that local authorities have – including this council – it is important to make sure that whatever we put in place we can maintain for the benefit of our communities.”

Chairman David McBride added: “I note the excellent work that has been done already in Alexandria and welcome the future work that is there.

“I take on board that further consultations are required and we have to reprofile some money but it will be a benefit for all other communities and a good outcome for all.”