The head of a Balloch primary school parents group says she hasn’t spoke to one person who thinks moving a public library into the campus is a good idea - ahead of a meeting to decide the library's future tonight.

Hannah Redford, chair of the parent council at Balloch Primary, insists she doesn’t quite understand why West Dunbartonshire Council think it is a good idea to move nearby Balloch Library into the learning facility.

There has been recent community backlash over the plans - which would save the local authority £130,000.

On Monday, October 30, more than 100 local campaigners attended a ‘vigil’ for the stricken library, with speeches conducted as to why the library has had a meaningful impact on people’s lives, including from four children under 10 who pleaded with the council to change their minds.

And, speaking to the Dumbarton and Vale Reporter, Hannah insisted she had similar feedback from an overwhelming majority of parents.

She said: “From everybody I have spoken to about it, no-one supports it.”

Before adding: “If the school are wanting a close relationship with the library, they have had enough time to do that.

“They don’t need the library to be in the school.”

Union Unison has backed the parents and those in the community who have come out against the Balloch Library closure proposals.

A spokesperson from Unison told the Reporter: “West Dunbartonshire has experienced cut after cut after cut.

“We understand that a recent survey has closed where residents were asked what cuts they wanted to make. We note that there wasn't an option for a no-cuts box to tick.

“We don't want to be asked what's the best cut to make, we demand that our elected councillors instead come to us with a plan of how they're going to fight back, defend and save our public services.”

However, WDC defended its position on the closure plans, which will now go to an emergency meeting of councillors tonight (Wednesday, November 8) after the SNP tabled a meeting request calling for the building to be saved.

A WDC spokesperson said: “We have worked in consultation with the head teacher of Balloch Primary to identify unused spaces and as the school is not at full capacity, learning and teaching will continue without impact.

“Following feedback on proposals the council have reviewed plans and an alternative option has been developed for a standalone entrance with no access to the school foyer.

“The council is facing significant financial challenges and has to consider ways of saving money while still delivering the vital services our residents rely on. The co-location will preserve local library provision for residents in Balloch and surrounding areas as well as protect jobs.”

The SNP want the money that would be saved in the first year of Balloch Library’s closure – estimated to be around £50,000 – to be taken from the council reserves.